Riding Into a New Chapter with C Resorts

Hey everyone,

Stoked doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel announcing my latest adventure. I’m officially partnering with C Resorts, and let me tell you, our playground just got exponentially bigger and infinitely more exciting!

The Journey to Partnership

From my very first glide on the water, I knew kitesurfing was more than just a sport to me—it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and a relentless pursuit of freedom and adventure. Over the years, as I navigated through waves and winds exploring seas, I’ve always sought ways to share this incredible journey with others.

The partnership with C Resorts feels like destiny in motion. It’s a collaboration born out of shared values and a mutual love for the ocean, adventure, and the sheer joy of living life to the fullest. C Resorts’ vision to create unforgettable experiences resonates deeply with my own, making this partnership a perfect match.



Why C Resorts?

C Mauritius and C Rodrigues aren’t just resorts; they’re sanctuaries for the soul. Having spent some unforgettable moments at these spots, I can personally vouch for the magic they offer. It’s not just about the luxury or the amenities (which, by the way, are top-notch); it’s about how these places make you feel. They’re about reconnecting with nature, with the ocean, and, most importantly, with yourself.

The Role of a Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, I’m buzzing with excitement about the possibilities ahead. I’m looking forward to engaging with the community, sharing my experiences, and, yes, hitting the waves at our stunning locations. But more than that, I’m eager to inspire others to dive into their own adventures, to push boundaries, and to discover the joy of kitesurfing.

What This Means for the Kitesurfing Community

This partnership is a win-win for everyone, especially for the kitesurfing community. It’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on our sport, to bring together enthusiasts from around the globe, and to create a space where we can share, learn, and grow together. Keep an eye out for events, sessions, and maybe a few surprises we’ve got in the pipeline!

And hey, don’t forget to use the promo code “LOUKA” for some sweet deals at C Resorts. Who knows? We might just share a session or two in paradise!


The adventure is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us. I’m looking forward to making waves, creating memories, and, most importantly, sharing the stoke with each and every one of you.

Stay tuned for updates, and here’s to riding into this new chapter together. Let’s make it one for the books!

Peace, love, and wind in our sails,

Stay tuned!


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