Moving back to a tropical island | Mauritius is my new home

Have you ever thought of moving to a tropical island?

After spending 5 years in Montpellier for my studies – I’m moving back to MAURITIUS!

Indeed, I had almost forgotten that I was born and raised in paradise, and being able to come back here during the lockdown was a real eye-opener. Heaven is next door to me, and I kept making trips in search of it for all those years.

After the lockdown, I went back on the road for two months, and in April 2022, I returned to Mauritius for a two-week trip. This time I never wanted to leave. So, I started looking for a place and found a perfect location. I was ready to call home in La Gaulette, so in June 2022, I decided to take the plunge and return to Mauritius.

Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean that I will stop doing what I do and love so much. However, it implies that I am now permanently settled in heaven and will subsequently travel from there …

Why Mauritius?

A more affordable lifestyle compared to Europe and a better climate 

Mauritius is exceptional, with its white sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the general atmosphere is relaxed and casual. In addition, life in Mauritius is cheaper than in Europe. So, you will be happy to find most of the products you are familiar with. There are several supermarkets and even hypermarkets all over the island, with a wide range of products – from fruit to vegetables.

Moreover, being a tropical island, you can enjoy a pleasant climate all year round. Although this island paradise experiences some temperature changes during the year, the thermometer rarely drops below 18°C. In addition, although there is more rainfall in the summer months, you can enjoy sunny days and swimming in the ocean all year round.

Le Morne, the most famous and popular playground for kite surfers

Now living in La Gaulette, I am located 10 minutes from Le Morne, one of the world’s best and most famous kitesurf spots. Le Morne’s large lagoon and flat, shallow water are ideal for beginners and advanced kite surfers in Mauritius. What’s more, you will benefit from the protection of the reef. Looking for waves? That’s no problem! The waves are only 600 metres away. You will find some of the best waves in the world here at Le Morne. The South of the island offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing all year round and the best kitesurfing spots on the island, suitable for all levels.

Practising my favourite no-wind activities  

The water sports in Mauritius are unique. I can enjoy other leisure activities such as surfing at Tamarin beach, winging, or just a deep-sea fishing session with my friends or family. Now that I am living on the island again, I can spend more time with them. Deep sea fishing is one of the most exciting activities here. A thrilling sea trip is not to be missed and requires no experience. You could catch a big fish like the blue marlin or massive dorado. Imagine that… It’s like winning a gold medal.

Anse Mourouk, my favourite kitesurfing haven in Rodrigues

You may know Rodrigues for its beautiful sandy beaches, friendly people and peaceful atmosphere… But did you know that the island is also one of the best places for kitesurfing in the Indian Ocean? With a massive lagoon of 200 km², Rodrigues Island is a kitesurfing paradise. The lagoon has the advantage of combining flat water and reef waves, which allows you to vary the pleasures. Away from the crowds, you will sail on one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. One of the advantages of living in Mauritius is that I can be closer to my favourite playground in Rodrigues.

I’m also super stoked to be part of the PLAY Mourouk team, which has been my sponsor for over a year. I can’t wait for 2023 to see this magical place reopen. Looking forward to showing you more of what it will look like.

Kudos to my sponsors

I had initially planned to stay longer in Europe due to the cost of travelling from Mauritius to attend some events. Still, luckily, I have amazing sponsors who have allowed me to set up on the ideal playground.

Besides my partners, we have great flight routes with Air Mauritius, which makes it easy to fly everywhere. Air Mauritius has supported me over the last few months. Flying in brand-new A350s makes a difference on such a long journey, so kudos to them!

Stay tuned for my next kitesurfing adventure, and until then, keep playing! 🤙

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