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Training in El Gouna before the GKA Freestyle World Cup

I headed back to Europe after Mauritius, it was still very cold in Montpellier, France and I was looking forward to going to a warmer place. After a long time spent on the waves in Mauritius, I wanted to get back to my main discipline, Freestyle.

My trip to Egypt was a quick and easy decision as the borders are open to foreigners. The conditions were great, and they have an awesome kite centre, Makani Beach Club. And… Did I mention my girlfriend was there too? haha, that might be a good reason for my decision too 😉

Makani is a kite centre on the beach in El Gouna, a small town next to Hurghada, in Egypt. 

I headed there because it is a perfect place to train before I compete for the first GKA Freestyle event of the year in Tarifa, Spain (I’ll tell you more about that in my next post). The centre has a gym, a restaurant, a sauna, and a baby foot – everything I needed to get back into it and have some fun with my friends.

Kitesurfing destination in Egypt

I initially planned to stay in Makani for 10 days. Once I realised how good the vibe is there, I decided to extend once, then a second time and ended up staying a month. It’s a pretty laid back place, like Mauritius – but has a Dubai vibe, with lots of huge superyachts on the sea. 

With the guys at Makani, we went on a quite fantastic boat safari for 2 days. There is so much to do even if there is no wind (it’s rarely not windy).  You can play tennis, squash, paddle, swim with dolphins, and go-karting. It is a place where you never get bored even when it is not windy. I highly recommend visiting El Gouna if you have the opportunity to do it once in your life. 

Next, with my kitesurfing friends, we headed to France to prepare and pack a few things and drove for 14 hours to reach Tarifa for the first GKA Freestyle event of the year that took place between the 22nd and the 27th of June [Stay tuned for more info about this]. 

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