I tried the Naish S26 Wing-Surfer

Naish Wing, the S26 Wing-Surfer.

Mauritius, December 2020. Back to my home island, I received a delivery with some new gears from the Naish team. As the new Naish Wing-Surfer equipment was released, I had to try it out on the beautiful Mauritian waters.

When I came to Mauritius last Christmas, I did not expect to stay on the island for such a long time. With the Covid situation in Europe, I spent nearly 6 months in Mauritius, where the lockdown had been lifted for almost 10 months since then. And guess what!? I spent most of my time kitesurfing;  trying out the new Naish wing-surfer and enjoying the peace and calm of my tropical island.

Naish Wing, the S26 Wing-Surfer.
Photo Credits: Tom Seager

And to add to this perfect condition and location, Tom Seager, Naish rider, visited Mauritius to ride on the Indian Ocean waves and test the new Naish S26 Wing-Surfer. We’ve tried the new model, the S26, which has some stunning design features, more powerful, and very simple to set up and use. Wing Surfing has a rapidly growing community here in Mauritius; I spent my entire holidays practising this watersport and perfecting my skills.

Together with the Naish rider, we ended up spending our days on the waters and moreover filmed a video on the sublime spot, Manawa, the southwestern tip of the island. Check out the video filmed by Tom Seager at the end of my blog article.

Tom spent about a month in Mauritius. However, he left for Hawaii when the local authorities announced the country was going into lockdown in March 2021. It was amazing to share this relaxing moment and make him discover the incredible spots on my home island. We had some great island vibes time, and seriously looking back at it, I’m starting to miss it now.

Manawa Mauritius, a piece of Paradise

Naish Wing, the S26 Wing-Surfer.
Photo Credits: Tom Seager

Manawa really happens to be the best wing foiling playground I have seen. We spent several days, therefore, shooting for the new gears. 

On an early morning before class, we filmed the video with the golden light of the rising sun. Tom was on the beach filming with his drone, and it feels that time has stopped there in Manawa.

Thank you to the Naish team, who made my holidays in Mauritius even better with the new S26 Wing-Surfer.

Watch it out:

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