Shooting in Rodrigues island

Hi folks, I have been in Mauritius for a few weeks now. Not much travel because of the virus but it is amazing to be in a place where there are no restrictions as we are covid safe here. I have been kiting Anse La Raie my home spot and Le Morne a lot! A few weeks ago, I got the chance to travel when we flew to Rodrigues island with the Mourouk team, or wait, the PLAY team, in order to shoot for the new brand reveal.

Mourouk Ebony Hotel has been my sponsor for the past year but the property is now closed for renovation. It will open again in 2022 with a new concept. PLAY mourouk ! Rodrigues is definitely among the best kitesurfing spots worldwide and I am super stoked to be the ambassador of this property.

I kind of know the place well as I have been visiting every year but it’s been an exciting time tripping around this authentic island and hanging out with people I usually work with through a screen. Wind conditions were not perfect for the shoot but we had super sunny weather with clear lagoon and white sandy beaches. We spent our days around Anse Mourouk, kiting in crystal clear blue waters with the iconic shiny red roofs of mourouk in the background.

We enjoyed one of the must-do with a downwind ride to île aux chats, and we had amazing content that you’ll see in the brand reveal video that I shared below. The picture above was also shot there by Dimitri Rault, the photographer who made the video.

I’m really looking forward to June 2022 and the re-opening of this magical place, and I’m excited to show you guys more of what it’s going to be like. Until then stay out there and keep playing!

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